Trillium Goldie City Bike

Pure Bicycle Joy, Hand-Made in Portland, Oregon.

$3,400.00 USD


Hand-built to be a perfect expression of modern bicycle design, this special-edition Circa Trillium (affectionately named Goldie) is perfect for town, pubs, picnics or beachside fun.


Circa Trillium Goldie Photo Shoot Time Lapse

Here’s a time-lapse video snippet from today’s photo shoot of our most recent build, the Circa Trillium affectionately known as “Goldie”.


It’s a Nice Campaign Video!

For those of you who didn’t see our crowdfunding campaign video, here it is!


Life After Crowdfunding

It’s not the end of the road. Just time for a different path. 

As you may already know, our crowdfunding campaign was unable to achieve our goals. I wanted to take this moment to thank you for your support, provide a quick overview of how we’ll be moving forward, and encourage you to keep in touch as we pursue other paths towards achieving Circa’s full vision.


Trillium Golden Bike Preview

When I was invited to the Oregon Handbuilt Bikes and Beer Fest, I wanted to create a something that really shows off the versatility of the Trillium platform. 


How Circa’s MABEL™ System Re-Thinks Bicycle Manufacturing

Circa is more than just one bike. It’s an entirely new way of making and delivering bikes to people. As we’ve said before, our goal is to create locally made bikes, just for you, in less than ten days and starting at less than $2,000.  To make this possible, we needed to seriously rethink how bikes are made. Ultimately, we created a new manufacturing platform that we call MABEL™.




We took a close look at why bike manufacturing using traditional methods has mostly left the US. Here’s what we learned:


Trillium City

Modern Urban Adventure

$1,800.00 USD

The Trillium City package starts with our Portland-made Trillium frame and is designed to be the perfect all-conditions commuter. It features flat bars for a more upright position, wider tires to handle the abuses of city streets, and an 8-speed internal shifting system for super-easy maintenance. We’re currently accepting pre-orders for our next production run.


Trillium Road

Fast, Light and Yours

$2,000.00 USD

The Trillium Road package starts with our Portland-made Trillium frame and is built to get you anywhere, regardless of the terrain or the weather. It’s the perfect solution for commuting, touring, a weekend club ride or your favorite grand fondo.


Mabel Meets the Lions

Oh, the fun we have, riding on a fine day and exploring pieces of the infamous Portland Ronde.


Meet Mabel, the Heart of a Circa Frame.

After our last video post, several people asked, “Who (or what) is Mabel?”. Mabel is a Patent Pending process that stands for