I’ve Been Meaning to Say Thanks…

I started Circa 3 years ago with a vague idea to create a new kind of bike company, and a fair amount of naivety about how hard it would be. Fortunately, Portland is a fantastic community for creating things, and I’m truly thankful for the generosity of my friends, colleagues, and compatriots that have helped get Circa from a crazy notion to a real thing that you can ride down the street. Circa could never have come this far without the contributions and support of so many people.

Andrea Moore Talks About the Indigo City Bike

We sat down with Andrea Moore of MOORE Custom Goods in NW Portland to chat about the first bike in what we hope to be a series of collaborations between Circa and a variety of great designers from a wide range of disciplines.


Circa x Moore Indigo City Bike

Circa Collaboration Series : MOORE Custom Goods

Starting at $1,900 USD
It’s spring, and what better time is there to get yourself onto a very new, made-for-you bike? If you’re looking to roll around town on a bike that rides smooth and turns heads, then allow us to introduce you to our very first Circa Collaboration Series bike: The Circa x Moore Indigo

Circa on NBC’s Grimm Episode 416 (kinda!)

My, what a week we’ve had at Circa! As you’ve probably heard us mention, one of Circa’s custom road bikes was featured on last week’s episode of Grimm on NBC, ridden by a beautiful, blonde 

Circa on the Radio!

Through a series of coincidences that could only happen in Portland, one of our Trillium road bikes was recently used on NBC’s hit TV show Grimm.


New Drivetrain Option! The Super-Clean Gates Belt Drive.

A Clean, Quiet Alternative to the Bike Chain

When I first set out to design the platform for our Circa Trillium custom bicycles, one of the larger objectives was that our riders should be able to choose from the widest range of drivetrain options, including, the super-quiet, squeaky-clean Gates Belt Drive system.


Circa’s Custom Bike Design Process

Hand Built Bikes Designed by You

We Build Custom Dream Bikes, Starting at Under $2,000.


At Circa, you’ll always find the perfect bike. That’s because you’re not shopping for one that might work, but you’re designing the bike you’ve always wanted, one that fits perfectly, looks awesome and rides like a dream.


Sneak Peek. New Client Project. Circa Trillium Rose? Petal?

Here’s a sneak peek at a stunning new Trillium City I’m working on for my friend Erica, who loves pink (she’s even got some in her hair).


Circa Showroom Now Open in NW Portland!

Want to design the perfect Trillium for you? We just opened our NW Portland studio and showroom! Schedule a visit and come on by! The new showroom is at 1720 NW Lovejoy, Suite 111, Portland, OR  97209.

Goldie Deluxe City Bike

Pure Bicycle Joy, Hand-Made in Portland, Oregon.


Hand-built to be a perfect expression of modern bicycle design, this special-edition Circa Trillium (affectionately named Goldie) is perfect for town, pubs, picnics or beachside fun.