Andrea Moore Talks About the Indigo City Bike

We sat down with Andrea Moore of MOORE Custom Goods in NW Portland to chat about the first bike in what we hope to be a series of collaborations between Circa and a variety of great designers from a wide range of disciplines.

Tell us a bit about how Moore Custom Good came to exists, and what you wanted to do with your own clothing label:
ANDREA MOORE: I have been sewing my whole life and designing since I was just a kid. Knowing from a very young age that I wanted to be a fashion designer, I went to school for design and merchandising, building a career in retail management in Las Vegas, NYC and Los Angeles and designed on the side. It was important to me that I understand all aspects of the industry, from idea through production and right into the consumers hands. After working for many large corporations as well as smaller brands, opening 22 stores, having a brand and store with a business partner in Brooklyn, I was ready to pursue my own venture. I went out on my own in April of 2013, creating seasonal collections and satisfying custom orders out of my studio in DTLA. I envisioned owning a workspace coupled with retail, sharing the apparel and accessory production process with every guest that came through the door. I made the move to Portland in September, opened MOORE Custom Goods in October and have been crushing it ever since. All of my sewing machines are openly displayed in my space. My wall of thread, scissor collection and fabric supply are part of the visual aesthetic. I regularly receive a range of custom product requests while selling my clothing line in the front portion of the shop. I never could have imagined such a warm welcome from a city. The response is overwhelmingly supportive and I am so very thankful every day to be able to do what I love.

Here's Andrea's vision for a practical, stylish city bike. Indigo tubes, gold details, and a denim Cambium saddle by Brooks create a clean, classic, fresh design vocabulary.
Here’s Andrea’s vision for a practical, stylish city bike. Indigo tubes, gold details, and a denim Cambium saddle by Brooks create a clean, classic, fresh design vocabulary.


How does your Circa Indigo City bike design relate to your aesthetic?
The flexibility of design options offered by Circa was so impressive. I was looking to create a bike that was reflective of the overall feel for my brand and the words that I used for inspiration were clean, classic and fresh. I use a lot of denim and sturdy fabrications so the color I chose was Indigo, also the namesake of the bike. There are hits of both gold and white, making for a really versatile overall look. The denim saddle is the unique touch that ties it back to my brand while keeping it vegan. It’s a smooth riding single speed city bike that works.

Who would you envision on your bike, and where would they be going?
The Indigo rider is a denim enthusiast, an appreciator of fine, handmade goods, a hard worker and rides for both necessity as well as leisure. They ride to work, to the grocery, to hang with friends at night after a full day of work.

Where are your favorite places in Portland to ride your bike?
I ride full time and after biking in both New York and LA. It is so refreshing to be in a place that truly embraces bike culture. The number of bike lanes through the city is amazing. When enjoying a day of leisure on my bike I am usually seeking water so its an easy route down to the beautiful waterfront. For a longer ride, Sauvie Island is a fun destination.

Want Your Own Indigo City Bike? Drop us a line today to be fitted for your very own Circa x Moore Indigo. And, hey, if you’re excited about the Circa x Moore bike, but maybe you’d rather tweak it a little by adding gears or dropped bars, that’s no problem — we can customize this design to fit exactly what you’re looking for.


Indigo Woven Sm
For his favorite “day to night” outfit, Nicolas wears his MOORE Indigo Woven and Canvas Joggers as he commutes from work to a night with friends on his Indigo City Bike.
WebJoggersandMesh Sm
The MOORE Mesh Crop and Satin Joggers are the perfect look for a Spring ride on the Indigo City Bike.


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    Two of my favorite people and designers come together to make the perfect PDX bike? That would be like Han Solo and Wonder Woman collaborating on a new shuttle for NASA, nice job!


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