Circa on NBC’s Grimm Episode 416 (kinda!)

My, what a week we’ve had at Circa! As you’ve probably heard us mention, one of Circa’s custom road bikes was featured on last week’s episode of Grimm on NBC, ridden by a beautiful, blonde 

and occasionally toxic “wesen” (aka shape-shifting monster girl) who works at a Portland bike shop. Turns out, we weren’t the only ones excited about seeing a Circa custom road bike on TV.

Here’s a pic of the road bike that you can imagine that you see…

Circa Bike Black Silver Red Custom

You can click on the picture of the bike for more photos, and to learn more about Circa road custom road bikes.

Circa trillium road bike on NBC's grimm in a very dark scene.
The Oregonian was pretty stoked, writing about us here (linkand here (link).
And so was the Portland Tribune.
And the mother of all Portland bike blogs, Bike Portland.
Oh, and so were local radio stations — you can hear Rich chatting about our bikes with Rebecca Marshall from KXL here
Circa trillium road bike on NBC's grimm in another very dark scene.
In case you missed the show, we went ahead and grabbed a few shots from the episode where our bike was featured. Ahem… lets just say you have to look kinda hard. But that’s OK – we’d be glad to have a mysterious toxic frog woman ride our bike on TV any day of the week! If you or a frog-woman you know is looking a brand new made-for-you custom bike, we’ve got your back. Schedule your design session today and get ready to bring home the best bike you’ve ever ridden.

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