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circa icon pdx laser graphics custom bike
Icon PDX laser graphics package on Pink and Black frame with Gates drive.

At CIRCA, you’re not just shopping for a bicycle, you’re designing the custom bike you’ve always wanted. Precision built by hand in Portland, Oregon, CIRCA produces road, city and town bicycles for commuting, touring, recreation, and performance riding. Quick-build custom bikes in anodized finishes with custom laser graphic options available.


The perfect all-rounder, versatile CIRCA frames are hand built in Portland, Oregon. CIRCA bikes can be set up with a wide range of drivetrain and cockpit types to form the foundation for a fast-and-light road bike or a functional and fun city bike. Our modular assembly process gives you infinite flexibility for personalizing your frame with color and component choices, and the precision machined surfaces will turn heads wherever you go.


At CIRCA, you’ll always find the perfect bike. A bike that that fits perfectly, looks incredible and delivers the performance you need. CIRCA isn’t just a bike shop. We’re a unique, new kind of manufacturer with our core centered around our proprietary, hyper-localized frame manufacturing system. From saddle to drivetrain, you’re in control. During your private design session in our modern studio, we’ll fine tune everything about your bike.

Quick Build Custom Bikes.

Custom bikes built from scratch in as little as 14 days.