How to Buy

We Start by Designing your Bike Together

CIRCA’s bikes and frames are highly customizable, so most of the design process happens collaboratively.

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We’ll continue the conversation by your preferred means (email, phone, etc.). If you’re in Portland or have plans to visit, we can schedule an appointment at our NW Portland studio.


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  1. Briefing Conversation. To design the perfect bike for you, we need to know a few things about your cycling needs. The best way to start is to have a chat about the basics like riding style, budget and priorities. From there, we move into the details of function, fit and aesthetics. The most efficient way to do this is in person at our studio in Northwest Portland, but we can also work remotely, via email, phone, etc.
  2. Preliminary Design Sketches. After we’ve gotten a good sense of what you’re looking for, we’ll create a sketch or two that captures the spirit of your CIRCA. If you love one of the first sketches, super! If not, we’ll work together to refine the design until it’s exactly what you’re looking for.
  3. CIRCA Design Brief. Once we’ve aligned on exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll create a design brief that summarizes the details and budget for your review and approval. It’s a nice way to make sure everyone’s on the same page.
  4. Construction Commencement Deposit. To begin construction of your bike or frame, we’ll need a 50% non-refundable deposit . We can take payment in person or via our online invoicing and payment system.
  5. Construction Updates.  Once construction is underway, we’ll provide updates on the key milestones of your build. If there’s something cool to see, we’ll take some pictures, too. The builds, start to finish, can happen as quickly as 10 days, depending on the details of your order.
  6. Final Fit and Delivery. If you’re in Portland, we’ll schedule a final fit and delivery session in our studio, where we’ll unveil your new bike, receive final payment, check and adjust the fit, take a test spin, and go over any other important details. And then you’re off!
  7. Tweaks and Adjustments. Sometimes new bikes require little adjustments as cables stretch and riders get comfortable. Within the first few months of ownership, we’re happy to make tweaks and adjustments for you.

What if I’m Not in Portland?

No problem! We’ll work with you remotely to learn about your needs and design your bike or frame. When it’s complete, we’ll package it thoroughly and ship it out to you.

How Long Does This Take?

Once we’ve received the commencement deposit, your bike or frame can be completed in as little as 10 days. What?! Yup, it’s true. Depending on design complexity, our production system lets us build your bike or frame really, really quickly, yet with incredible precision. Unusual builds or custom graphics might add an extra week or two. In summary: highly customized construction, really fast.

Pricing: (updated July, 2016)


Frame with 2 colors and carbon fork: $1,995 USD
Laser Graphics Package: +$200
Custom Laser Graphics: Priced by design
Additional frame colors: $100/color


Starting around $3,000.

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Click on the Get Started! tool on the right side of the page to discuss building your CIRCA.