Circa's proprietary modular construction system is unlike any other frame, providing unprecedented customization and flexibility.


Color is a great way to give your bike personality. In a Circa design session, you can pick from a fun palette of durable anodized finishes and get creative with how colors are applied to different parts of the frame to create a bike that's distinctly yours.


Personalize your Circa. The distinctive seat lug is available in a range of finishes.


This gold Trillium has a super-fun vibe.


The horizontal, 132.5mm spaced Circa dropouts give you tons of options for drivetrains and accessories.

Circa_Trillium_HT_Med.jpeg Geometry-v6.jpg

Please refer to this guide for sizing assistance. If you're in-between sizes, or you don't fit the current size range, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.