The Super-Clean Gates Belt Drive Option

Need a bike that’s super-low maintenance and keeps the grease off your pants?

Consider the super-quiet, squeaky-clean Gates Carbon Drive system (a/k/a Belt Drive).

Why Consider A Gates Carbon Belt Drive?

Quiet! The first thing that stands out is how quiet the system is. My first test ride took place after dark, and I was immediately struck by the fact that I didn’t hear anything except the whisper of the tires on the pavement. It was really beautiful.

Super-Clean. The Gates Belt doesn’t require any lubrication, so it’s resistant to picking up crud and dust from the road. What this means for riders is if you happen to touch the belt with your hands or clothing, you’ll come away surprisingly clean. Visitors to our showroom will often touch the belt and ask, “what’s so great about this?”. I just say, “Look at your hand.” Their eyes light up when they realize their hand is perfectly clean.

Low Maintenance. The Carbon Belt Drive system doesn’t need any lubrication. Ever. If you’re the type of rider that’s not into tweaking your bike or fussing over the mechanics, the belt drive is one less thing to worry about.

circa custom trillium with gates carbon belt drive
This Circa Trillium city bike is running a Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive. The drivetrain is a 7-speed internally-geared hub.


Special Frame Requirements. Unlike traditional bicycle chains, the Carbon Belt Drive is a continuous loop. This means that the bicycle frame itself needs to be designed with a few unique features to be Gates compatible. Good news! We’ve got the features! Our innovative dropout design meets the unique needs of the Gates CDX for both installation and tensioning. The CDX Carbon Drive can be tensioned by hand and requires no special tools.

No Derailleurs. The Gates Carbon Belt Drive can’t be used with a derailleur. Riders that need to have a range of gears for hills or cargo can run an internally geared hub. Minimalist types can use the a belt drive as the foundation for a super-low-maintenance single-speed or fixie.

gates carbon drive sprocket
This rear sprocket for the Gates Carbon Belt Drive should stay clean and shiny, since no grease or lubrication is required.

What’s the Cost?

Starting Around $300. Depending on implementation, adding a Gates Carbon Drive to your Circa custom bike starts out with about a $300 additional cost to your build. Pricing will vary depending on the type of drivetrain that you mate the system to.

Want to Learn More about a CIRCA with a Gates Carbon Belt Drive?

We’d love to build you a custom bike with this compelling drivetrain option. To get started, send us a note using the Get Started tool at the edge of the page.

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