I’ve Been Meaning to Say Thanks…

I started Circa 3 years ago with a vague idea to create a new kind of bike company, and a fair amount of naivety about how hard it would be. Fortunately, Portland is a fantastic community for creating things, and I’m truly thankful for the generosity of my friends, colleagues, and compatriots that have helped get Circa from a crazy notion to a real thing that you can ride down the street. Circa could never have come this far without the contributions and support of so many people.

I’ve wanted to say this for a while, so here we go:

Angela Fox: I don’t even know where to start with this one. This would never have been remotely possible without you. I’m a very lucky man.

Aaron Hayes (Design+Bike Guy): A subtle blend of warnings to stay out of the bike business, companionship and motivation while training for the Ronde, and a unique designer’s perspective on the custom bike business.

Boyett a/k/a Ildefonso Resuello (Industrial Design): Nobody brings the sexy to shape-making like you. Always a humble inspiration and amazing friend, thanks for helping make the details of the Trillium frame sing.

Neil Day (Startup Guru): Long time close friend, lucid, honest guide and fellow traveller on the entrepreneurial path. Thanks for helping the newbie figure out startup life.

Josh Hoyt (Engineering Guru): Honest, thoughtful engineering guidance wrapped in the practical advice of, “work with fun people”!

Greg Hinzmann (Designer+Entrepreneur): The voice of the experienced designer working upstream. Good wisdom in there, always.

Jason Hilbourne (Engineer+Entrepreneur): A funny engineer. Go figure! (Well, Josh is pretty funny, too : )

Derek Welch (Brand Thinking): Man, it’s been fun getting design tips from you over the last few months. Keep rocking, brother.

Leah Preston (PR and Events): Holy cow, we’re communicating with the outside world! Thanks for helping me re-discover my extroversion after years in my secret basement lair.

Brian Ross (Form Factory): Constant sounding board for designing for CNC and general entrepreneurial inspiration. And a real mensch, too.

Demetri Macrigeanis (Bike Guru). From frame geometry to retail thinking to the inner thoughts of bike mechanics, you’ve been amazing.

Jeff Kosmoski (Engineering). Itinerant luthier, toenail painter, and tolerant CAD jockey. Well done, sir.

Alex Chally (Engineering): My first engineering support, who helped me translate my crazy sketches and models into 3d. Go forth and be a physicist!

Eric Duvauchelle (SuperMoreBetter): Another fellow traveller on the outsider’s path to bike-making, Eric get’s brand. He reeks of brand (in a good, kinda’ French way).

Spencer Houser (CNC Wiz): Thanks for not laughing me out of your shop when I showed up with my crazy sketch models, and then being super-generous with your time in teaching me the basics of designing for CNC.

Michael Mankowski (Retail Designer): Key logistical, design and moral support during the crazy push to prep for the 2014 Bikes and Beer festival (and another total mensch).
Uncommon Era Video Production: We’re making moving pictures! Thanks for your patience as I muddled through my first video projects.

Jay Lawrence and Polara Photography Studios: You guys really sweat the details! Product photography is an amazing art form.

Jim Thorne (Engineering Guru): For teaching me about how the slope of a sine wave relates to the seasons, and the metaphoric value of a belt and suspenders.

Shannon Holt (Bike-Related PR Thinking): It was a short conversation and brief collaboration, but it did a lot to push my messaging forward. Thanks!

Anja Zupancic (Graphic Designer): You entered a somewhat vague online contest and won! Thanks for a logo that’s still working for us! Hope all’s well, all the way over there.

My First Customers: For getting it, and believing in the importance of manufacturing innovation. Can’t wait to ride with all of you.


Rich Fox, Founder

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  1. Boyett


    You are very welcome, my friend. It has always been a pleasure collaborating with (and learning tons from) you. Your generosity, hospitality and coffee-at-a-moment’s-notice is unmatched. I’m proud to be a fellow traveler on the amazing Circa journey.



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